Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Edgar Case

Dredd's nemesis, former head of the public survelliance unit Jura Edgar is dying, but she knows where the bodies are buried and sets Dredd on a trail of corruptuion within in the justice department.
Starts in next weeks 2000 AD, which is on sale from June 4th!
Colours: Chris Blythe.


Jim Boswell said...

Hey Lee, very nice work on the latest 2000AD! I was wondering, when you ink these days, do you receive the actual original pencils to work on, or are you sent scanned files of the pencils? And do you then print them to ink over?

Thanks! Jim

Lee said...

Thanks for the kind words Jim!
you have some nice work on your Blog to, good luck with the pages.
All the inked work I do at the moment is about half onto original pencils, half blue line.
The Dredd pages are inked onto the original pencils, but the last Spec Spider-Man I worked was done on Blue line printed onto bristol board, from the scanned pages.