Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Blueline Page

Here is the page I mentioned in my previous post, pencils of Spectacular Spider-Man, turned into blue line using photoshop, printed out onto bristol board at A3.
I would then ink straight onto the board.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Sketch #7: Dougie Braithwaite

Another sketch from my covention book, this one by the very talented, and friend of mine, Dougie Braithwaite.
He did this for me at UKCAC some years back, and I remember he was a bit taken back that I asked him, as I was one of his students at the London Cartoon Centre at the time!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Spider-Man/From Pencil To Colour


When I worked on this issue of Spec Spider-Man (#166) the pencils were emailed to me as JPG'S, which were drawn by John Royle. I then enlarged the pencils up to A3, turned the pencil line into a non print blue line in photoshop, and then printed out the page onto bristol board.
I will post up a blue line version of one of the pages in my next post.


I then inked directly onto the blue line pages, once this was complete the pages were sent to Panini.
I would say about 50% of my current inking work is now done this way.

Colour & Lettering:

Panini then scanned the pages to the colourist James Offredi, and then onto the final stage the lettering.

Judge Dredd/From Pencil To Colour


Here are the various stages that go into putting a comic strip page together, from pencil to colour.
The first stage-the pencils, which were drawn by Patrick Goddard, at A3 size, he then posted these direct to me.

Inks: (My Part)

In this case I inked directly onto the original pages, when this was done I sent the original pages to 2000ad.

Colour & Lettering:

2000ad then sent my inked pages over to the colourist Chris Blythe, which are scanned in and coloured up, before being passed on to the final stages to be lettered by Annie Parkhouse.

Thursday, 3 July 2008