Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Spider-Man/From Pencil To Colour


When I worked on this issue of Spec Spider-Man (#166) the pencils were emailed to me as JPG'S, which were drawn by John Royle. I then enlarged the pencils up to A3, turned the pencil line into a non print blue line in photoshop, and then printed out the page onto bristol board.
I will post up a blue line version of one of the pages in my next post.


I then inked directly onto the blue line pages, once this was complete the pages were sent to Panini.
I would say about 50% of my current inking work is now done this way.

Colour & Lettering:

Panini then scanned the pages to the colourist James Offredi, and then onto the final stage the lettering.


neil edwards said...

fantastic inks lee!!
best, neil

Anonymous said...

Nice work!