Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Blueline Page

Here is the page I mentioned in my previous post, pencils of Spectacular Spider-Man, turned into blue line using photoshop, printed out onto bristol board at A3.
I would then ink straight onto the board.


Jim Boswell said...

Nice! I've never inked someone else's pencils in my life - actually looks like a lot of fun :-)

Kevin Levell said...

Those are very tight pencils, just checked back to your original 'how to' posts... got the makings of a couple of great tutorials there! Thanks for sharing!

Are you going to the Birmingham International in October?

Lee said...

Cheers Kevin,I think in most cases the pencils allways seem a lot tighter than they really are, when you come to ink them you realize that are not so tight as you first thought,I have inked loose pencils, and much tighter pencils than the ones shown here, it really depends on how the artist approaches it.
Yes I will be at the show in Brum!
It would be good to meet up!

Will Sliney said...

Great stuff Lee, love seing these process bits

Lee said...

Thanks guys most appreciated!