Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Finished Pencils.

Concept Pencils.

I have just finished inking a 7 page comic strip for Mavel Heroes the new monthly comic published by Panini.
As I can't show you the pages just yet, here are a couple of pages of my pencils I did several years ago.
This was for the Disney & Me magazine which included illustrations and a comic strip which this page is from.
We had to do 2 stages of pencils, the concept pencils, and the finished pencils.
First the concept pencils were sent to sent to Disney for approval, when we received the comments back, we would then move on to the finished pencils, which mainly was for putting the characters on model, and any further changes.
Once these were approved it would then be coloured which was all done by hand, as there was not much being coloured by computer then.
Sometimes characters and backgrounds would be airbrushed, which included masking out areas, for the characters.
We mostly used goauche, and acrylic for the colour work.

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