Thursday, 8 January 2009

Wildstorm Inks

Here are 3 pages of my inks, which I did recently for World Of Warcraft #14 which is on sale now!
I was very pleased wiith the colouring on the whole issue, and I feel some of my pages came out quiet well, but I am hard to please as I think most artist are about there own work, anyway if you get a chace to get yourself a copy I would love to know what you think.
All 6 pages, along with the pencils are now up on my other website Inking.Com please take a look!
Story: Walt Simonson.
Pencils: Mike Bowden.


Kevin Levell said...

more lovely stuff...

I only just commented on the last post when these little beauties popped up out of cyberspace... it always weirds me out when I'm blogging the exact same time someone else is!

Lee Townsend said...

Hi Kev, Thanks for your kind words, allways good to hear from you.
Sorry I had to remove the Marvel panel from the site until it is published, along with your'e comment.
I used mainly brush on the Marvel work, but these Wildstorm pages here were a combination of tech pen and brush, really depends on the way it should look I think, but overall I do find the pens a bit quicker, hope this helps, if you want to know what type of pens and brushes I use you could email me, thanks.